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The Next Generation In The Study Of Custer's Last Stand

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Summer Hours For The Battlefield

 $10,000 Fundraising Campaign, Photo Analysis Project

 Friends Events June 27-28, 2014

Interview with Thom Hatch

Robert Utley's comments on Doug Scott's new book, Uncovering History

      Interview with Doug Scott

Report on June 2012 Friends Events

Who are Eddie & Isabella?

New Sources on the Arikara Scouts

Deer Medicine Rocks NHL Dedication Ceremony

Book Review Fort Laramie: Military Bastion of the High Plains

 Supt Kate Hammond Leaves LIBI

 Rare photo Of Edward Luce, Col Nye in Stone House

Book Review of "Great Sioux War Orders of Battle" and interview with its author Paul Hedren

"Where Are They Now", Paul Hedren's burial places of officers, physicians, and other military notables of the
Great Sioux War

 In temporary move, battlefield archives and collections will be relocated for safer storage and preservation. Read more in our news section.

         See FAQ's regarding collections move

Little Bighorn River Oxbow Archeological Survey - Dr. Douglas Scott's Final Report

Book Review of "The Killing of Crazy Horse" and interview with its author Thomas Powers

  Meet our new board member, Lane Anderson

 2003-2009 Superintendent Annual Reports

  Life in the U.S. in 1876 by John Doerner

Recently Discovered -- Friends Little Bighorn Battlefield First Newsletter

Photos of the "Deep Ravine Trail & Beyond" Field Trip

Friends Donates $5,000 for New Archeological Survey Along the Banks of the Little Bighorn River.

 Big Projects Announced -- Bring Change to Battlefield         

           7th Cavalry Regimental Standard and Slim Buttes (Keogh) Guidon Return to the battlefield. See report in our Custer Battlefield and Friends News

Custer Battlefield and Friends Little Bighorn Recent News -- visit this page to read the latest news from the battlefield.

 High Dynamic Range photos of Last Stand Hill

 Read our report on the Friends events June 26-27, 2009 at battlefield

 Custer's Last Drag: An Examination of Tobacco Use Among the 7th Cavalry During the Nineteenth Century

Kate Hammond Appointed New Supt Little Bighorn Battlefield

Ms. Hammond Discusses Battlefield Boundary Expansion Issues

 The Final Days of Crazy Horse at Fort Robinson

              Events At Fort Robinson

              History Timeline Fort Robinson

 Inkpaduta: Dakota Leader by Paul Beck

               Interview with Paul Beck

Superintendent's Annual Report for 2007 - be forewarned large pdf

Full Coverage Of Friends June 2008 Battle Anniversary Events

        Includes Photos From Friends Battlefield Archive Tour

Learn What Is Required Before NPS Can Expand The Battlefield

Lorna Thackeray's Riveting Account Of The Montana Column In The Sioux/Cheyenne War Of 1876

 Sam Venables' Moving Account Of His First Visit To The Battlefield

 Little Bighorn Battlefield Is In Rattlesnake Country.

  Jerome Greene's Stricken Field: Little Bighorn Since 1876

Read our review of Michael Donahue's new book: Drawing Battle Lines: The Map Testimony of Custer's Last Fight  20% off retail price

      Interview with Michael Donahue

Interview with historian Robert Utley

History of the Indian Warrior Markers

Memorial Day 2008 at Little Bighorn

President's Message (April 2008)

 Superintendent's Message (April 2008)

 First Book About Custer Written In Finnish. Read Our Interview With The Author of Written in the Wind, Jari Teilas

 Finding of No Significant Impact signed by Denver Regional for expansion of the visitor center.

  Draft Legislation To Expand Boundaries Of Battlefield

  131st Anniversary Events, June 23-25, 2007

 130th Anniversary Events, June 24-25, 2006

 Friends Projects For 2009

                Friends Projects for 2007-2008

                Friends Projects for 2006-2007

                Friends Projects 2005

                Friends Projects 2004

              List of Friends' Successes

                      Friends and LBHA Partner for New Webcams Project  

Little Bighorn Store

                  Upton and Sons Books -- 10% discount

  NPS information on visitor center expansion

 Browse through the very first NPS Official Battlefield Handbook 

 The Battle

              Road to the Little Bighorn Timeline

              Its Equal I Have Never Seen:
Custer Explores the Black Hills in 1874 by Dr. Brian Dippie
          Custer's Last Stand (9/12/07 more Martin Pate paintings added.)

               Dust to Dust: Interment of the Custer Dead

  Soldier Markers

            Cpl John Foley

            Arikara Scouts

        Soldier and Officer Burial Location & Photos (Update 8/8/09)

               Cheyenne Primacy by Margot Liberty

                Madden and Porter: Two Sides of Early War Amputation

                Comanche --  Lone Survivor

                Was Custer A Psychopath?

                 Soldiers and Warriors

                Background of the project

   7th Cavalry Muster Rolls -- Complete list of soldier's who fought and died in the battle (Updated 7/13/09)

                7th Cavalry Regimental Leadership - May and July, 1876

   Warriors At Little Big Horn -- complete list of warriors who fought and died in the battle (Updated Apr 26, 2014

   Noncombatants at Little Bighorn (Updated Jan 11, 2014)

Warriors in Wild West Shows (Updated Apr 26, 2014)

                     The Custer National Cemetery Registry

                     Frontier Military Posts

                     Roster -- 1876 Sioux War Campaign


 Great Fire of 1983

 The Dig of 1984

 Archeology Survey 2004

                Douglas Scott's Reports

                 Final Report

                                   Preliminary field results

                                   Preliminary artifact finds

                More photos from the 2004 survey

                Geophysical Survey

Mitch Bouyer -- Identified

Fetterman Soldier Found On Last Stand Hill

Horse Cemetery Excavated

               Doug Scott's Horse Cemetery Report 

Books About Battlefield Archeology


      In Memoriam

                    Rick Meyer

                    Doug Keller

                            John Doerner Remembers Keller

                   Brian Pohanka

                   Eric von Schmidt

           Indian Memorial

                    Memorial Construction

                    History of the Indian Memorial: Megan Reece Thesis

        The Spirit Warriors

        Memorial dedication 

        Indian memorial tour

        Unknown warrior marker 

                    Sioux Markers

        Cheyenne Markers 

              Billings Gazette -- Suicide Boys

             At Custer's Last Stand: A First Stand For The Indians

    Custer's Grave -- West Point

    Officer's headstones

                Cpt Myles Keogh memorial -- Ireland

                Pvt John Stuart Forbes memorial -- Scotland 

  Glasgow Sunday Post, September 14, 2003 -- article about Forbes

  "Atavus" article regarding Forbes

Battle Art

            Eric von Schmidt

              Eric von Schmidt Speaks

              "Sunday at the Little Bighorn with George"

              Smithsonian Magazine 

            Martin Pate

                         Martin Pate Wayside Paintings

Thom Ross -- Battlefield art for the 21st century

              Progress of Ross's project

              Ross Notes & More Photos                 

              The Thom Ross Exhibit, June 2005

News & Information 

                    Environmental Assessment for Road Construction

                   20 Year Survey of Plants & Birds at Little Bighorn

                    Robert Utley

                    More Reflections on Little Bighorn

                         Memoirs of Robert Utley

                         Memoirs of Jerome Greene

Memoirs of Neil Mangum: Confessions of a Park Ranger

Learn How To Share Your Photos of Little Bighorn Battlefield

Details of the Friends' symposiums 

            "Little Bighorn Reflections" June 26, 2001

            "LBH: The Aftermath & Development of an American Icon" -June 23, 2002

 Changing Faces of Last Stand Hill

Friends Remember

       Tim Bradshaw -- Fort Sill

Friends' Membership -- Summer Events 2006

               Summer '05

               Summer '04

               Summer '03

               Summer '02

   Summer '01 

   Previous summers 


          Custer Battlefield Photos In High Definition For High-Speed Internet Access

                  Last Stand Hill

                  Deep Ravine Trail

                  The Keogh Sector

                  Calhoun Hill

                  Greasy Grass Ridge: Company C

                  Medicine Tail Ford

                  Cheyenne Markers

                  Little Bighorn River Valley

                  The Indian Memorial

                  Custer National Cemetery

     Changing faces of Weir Point

     D. F. Barry photo comparison of Last Stand Hill

     Crazy Horse Photo

     Mists Along the Little Bighorn Battlefield

     Earliest Known Photo of The Stone House

     Reno-Benteen Defense Site Waysides

    Winter at Little Bighorn (new photos Dec 2008)

                 Inside the fence

                 Custer National Cemetery

                 Postcards From the Edge

Books & Movies on the Horizon

                          Custer and Me

                                  Read Part of Chapter 2 From Custer and Me

                          Biography of Black Kettle

                          G. A. Custer: His Life and Times

                          Finding Sand Creek


                                  Read Part of Chapter 9 From Washita

                          Military Register of Custer's Last Command

                                  Interview with author Roger Williams

                         Jerome Greene's Indian War Veterans

                         Jerome Greene's Stricken Field: Little Bighorn Since 1876

                                  Interview with Jerome Greene & Audio Interview

                      Where Custer Fell

                         HBO's Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee -- View Trailer

                         Promise: Bozeman's Trail to Destiny

                         Richard Upton's 50th Anniversary Events at Little Bighorn

                         A Northern Cheyenne Album

                                Interview with Dr. Margot Liberty

                         Remember Little Bighorn

                            Interview with author Paul Walker & National                                 Geographic Project Editor Suzanne Patrick Fonda

                        Walking with Grandfather: The Wisdom of Lakota Elders

                        Hundred in the Hand

                        Indians & Emigrants: Encounters on the Overland Trails

 Stranger Than History

              Secret for the Centennial

               Short Stories By Lola Mauer

                        Wooden Leg

                        Major Marcus A. Reno

Ghosts Along the Little Bighorn: Visitors of Another Kind

A Christmas Story

       Update About Minnie Carey -- Follow Up To A Christmas Story

LBH White House Xmas Tree Ornaments

The Fetterman Battle

         Tour of the Fetterman Battlefield in photos

         Carrington Legacy

Travel Montana

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