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Memorial Spirit Warriors

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Below are photos of the Spirit Warriors' design that stand tall inside the Indian Memorial. The scope of the design changed over time when Superintendent Darrell Cook wished to include the statue of the woman. You will notice she is handing a shield to her love one who sits first from right on the horse. It captures the essence of the importance of the warrior's role in the Plains Indian society: protector, provider, and leadership. It also reminds us that there were families living in the village and that the Plains Indian was not just a warrior society--there were women, children, mothers, fathers and grandparents. It adds such poignancy to the overall story without infringing on the symbol of the 7th Cavalry Monument.

Photos courtesy Little Bighorn Battlefield--shot by John Doerner, Park Historian



Photos below courtesy of John & Christopher Collins

Hover your mouse over the photos to follow the steps with building the life-size design. The completed work was then sent to the foundry for molds and casting.

Drawings below courtesy of Roybal Corporation


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