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Minnie Carey Update

I received an email dated December 21, 2004 from Ron Scali aka Teardown with an update concerning Miss Carey. Here is what he wrote me.


It's been a while since we last wrote. It has been a busy year. I have had many great visits with our beloved Minnie Carey. I wish I could say she is doing well, although given her age she is still wonderful. Her memory is starting to fade, her body is becoming tired.

Currently she is in the hospital and upset that she missed the Veterans coming to see her during our annual Veterans in nursing home party. We are planning to visit her as soon as she returns to the Nursing Home.

I received a call from her daughter that brought me to tears. She said in all her life she has never asked for anything. Last year Minnie honored her father, Henry Mechlin, this year she would like to see her mother honored. We have an American Flag throw that we are going to present to Minnie. I know that this wonderful lady will not be with us much longer, I thank God I had the chance to meet a part of American history. I owe a lot of my memories to you and the information you guided me to. Thank You. Sometime in the future I want to walk, and see what Minnie has told me so much about.

To you and your family God Bless and Merry Christmas.


Dear Ron:

I'm thankful I could contribute. I hope to see you on Last Stand Hill someday.


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