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Winter at Little Bighorn

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When one visits Little Bighorn Battlefield -- home of Custer's Last Stand -- during winter, one will be surprised to find a different look and feel to the pristine site. Sometimes visitation is as low as 10 people for the entire day, so the chances are good that one will find himself alone on Last Stand Hill.

As one looks out over the battlefield, from this vantage point, the only sound that can be heard is snow falling or the lone whistle of a train moving along the Little Bighorn River valley.

We hope that as you view these winter scenes from over the years, you will sense what it is like to stand alone on Last Stand Hill or walk amongst the markers during a soft falling snow.


1994 photo below of the Custer National Cemetery courtesy of Kevin Bacher.



Photos below provided by Friends member Scott Burgan, December 25, 2009.

Keogh sector

Sunset and moon over Custer National Cemetery

Reno-Benteen Battlefield Monument

Last Stand Hill

7th Cavalry Monument

White Swan Memorial Library -- Stone House -- office of the chief historian and fees collections

Last Stand Hill seen through the trees of the Custer National Cemetery


Photos below provided by the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, John Doerner, Battlefield Park Historian, December 23, 2008.

Entrance to Custer National Cemetery and Stone House (White Swan Memorial Library)

Christmas wreath and Stone House porch

Walkway through middle of national cemetery -- Stone House is seen behind the trees

Custer National Cemetery as seen from the back door of the Stone House

Major Marcus Reno's grave in national cemetery

Custer Battlefield as seen from Battle Ridge. Trees along the Little Bighorn River seen in distance

One of the members of the grouse family seen around the battlefield

Calhoun Hill: Battle Ridge, Last Stand Hill, and trees in the national cemetery seen in distance

Calhoun Hill: Wolf Mountains fade into the snowy fog

Bear with Horns marker

Christmas wreath placed in front of the Indian Memorial

Christmas wreath on entry gate to Last Stand Hill

Seventh Cavalry Monument on Last Stand Hill

The morning sun travels across Last Stand Hill in this and the next two photos


Les Frickle -- LIBI maintenance -- plowing the tour road

Visitor center on a very cold December morning


Photos below provided by Melena Stichman, Natural Resource Specialist, December 16, 2008.

Member of a grouse family seen in the Custer National Cemetery

The grouse seems to enjoy the view as the Wolf Mountains appear over the national cemetery



Photos below provided by John Doerner, winter 2005.

Last Stand Hill

7th Cavalry Monument

Custer's Marker

Last Stand Hill With Visitor Center & National Cemetery

U.S. Soldier, 7th Cavalry, Fell Here

Cheyenne Markers for Lame White Man & Noisy Walking

Keogh Markers

Calhoun Hill

CO L Horse Holder Ravine

Company C With Weir Point In Background

Medicine Tail Coulee

Medicine Tail Ford

Reno-Benteen Defense Site Monument

Looking Toward The Wolf Mtns & The Crow's Nest

Reno Retreat Crossing

Reno Retreat Crossing

National Cemetery From Last Stand Hill

U.S. Flag--National Cemetery

Entrance To The National Cemetery

White Swan Memorial Library (The Stone House)

Little Bighorn River

Little Bighorn River


Photos below provided by Bob Reece. These are from between 1987-1989.


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