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Mists Along Little Bighorn

Mists Along Little Bighorn Battlefield

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All photos below Marvin Dawes for Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Webmaster's Note: Chief Ranger Marvin Dawes took this beautiful sunrise photo of Last Stand Hill on November 23, 2009. See more of his photos below.

Panorama of Last Stand Hill -- as always, click on photos to enlarge


A closer look inside the fence on Last Stand Hill


A telephoto of Deep Ravine Trail from Last Stand Hill


The Custer National Cemetery


April 8, 2008

Chief Ranger Marvin Dawes took these eerily striking photographs of Custer Battlefield on the morning of April 8, 2008. We witness monuments and memorials struggling to be seen through the fine mist. Thank you Marvin for taking the time to shoot these stunning photos and sharing them for all to enjoy. Scroll down for photos of late snowfall on April 21, 2008.

Deep Ravine Trail mysteriously disappears into the mist



Low clouds over the valley of the Little Bighorn River



Visitor Center breaks through the mist as first visitors arrive to the monument



Weir Point struggles to show itself



Spirit Warriors ride out of the Indian Memorial on a cushion of clouds




All roads lead to Last Stand Hill and the 7th Cavalry Monument



The fog cannot conceal where Custer was buried along with his staff and soldiers


April 21, 2008

A late snow covered the battlefield as photographed by Marvin Dawes.


Soldier markers of Company C below Calhoun Hill


Valley Fight and timber where Reno's soldiers fought


Medicine Tail Ford


Visitor Center


7th Cavalry Monument


Indian Memorial


Calhoun Hill looking toward Last Stand Hill

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