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Guest Book 2006

 12/31/06 Prof Ras:

It is so great to hear from you all the way from Zululand. Thank you for your kind comments regarding our website.  I have a strong interest in the Anglo-Zulu wars. I just recently acquired Lt Col Mike Snook’s Like Wolves on the Fold: The Defense of Rorke’s Drift and How Can Man Die Better: The Secrets of Isandlwana Revealed.

It is also great to hear from the other Scots and Irish below. We’re happy to hear of your visits to the battlefield and for those of you that haven’t made it yet, please try your best. You won’t be disappointed.  

Happy New Year to all our viewers both international and the good ole’ USA. 


Bob Reece

Name: Daniel Redmond, Ireland
Date: 19 Dec 2006


Just wanted to say that I visited The Little Big Horn Battlefield in July this year. It was something I always wanted to do. What a fantastic experience to be there. I have been fascinated by this battle all my life. I really like your site. Very informative.

Name: Jack Smith Sotland
Date: 16 Dec 2006


I was impressed with this site and very moved by the photos of the Indian markers this battle seems to have been part of my life for as long as can remember it was wonderful to see the photos the scene keep up the good work

Name: John Kane
Date: 14 Dec 2006


William Kane is listed here as present at Little Big Horn. He was my Great-great Uncle(brother of my Great Grandfather, John Kane). A letter from William Kane to his brother John Kane, showed up at a family reunion several years ago. In the letter he writes that he survived the battle as he was sent back to the fort with a message. However, he is listed here as "not present - sick". We probably will never know...

Name: Tom Purtell
Date: 11 Dec 2006


I am 41 an finally was able to visit the battlefield in August 2006, after wanting to do so for many years. I was joined by my 6 year old boy. I just watched the video I purchased in the bookstore. I am not sure my son understands completely the tragic events that took place there in 1876 and how it was a turning point in our country's history. We will no doubt have countless conversations regarding the battle and hope to be fortunate enough to visit again.

Name: Edith O'Harra Hotaling
Date: 05 Dec 2006


I am also related to Miles O'Harra. Have been looking for information on him for a long time. Now I know what happened to him. I appreciate the information on your site. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. My e-mail address is in case anyone related to the O'Harra's is interested in contacting me. Thanks again.

Name: Jlingren@
Date: 03 Dec 2006


Update and a apology to the memory of Private William Henry White. Private William H. White is actually well known to western historians. He was with Col Gibbons' Column which was to meet with Col. Custer on June 27, 1876. Following his honorable discharge in 1877, he married a woman from the Crow Nation and lived on her reservation until his death in 1938. The source of this erronious information was a book by Alan Baltazar, "Calico and the Calico mining District". I am unable to locate Baltazar and he did not footnote his work. Thanks

Name: Joe K. Custer
Date: 30 Nov 2006


This website is very interesting. Needless to say I have an abiding interest in the Custer era, and have done a little studying in the area, although I have not yet visited the battle area. I hope to in the not distant future. Thanks for all the information here. Joe Custer

Name: Stephen Collinge
Date: 23 Nov 2006


I live in Scotland and was pleased to visit the battlefield in 1998. Your website is very interesting and I hope one day to make a return visit. Kind regards,

Date: 22 Nov 2006


Greetings; In doing research for a book about lynchings in Calif., I found one subject misidentified. A writer claimed that William Pitts, who was hung in Daggett, CA Dec. 9th, 1884 was really a deserter from Ft. Ellis. Has anyone heard the name William Pitts attached to any units connected with Custer or the Montana Column?, Particulary the Second Cavalry? I thank you in advance.

Name: Ben JH Van Melle
Date: 25 Oct 2006


Very interesting site you have


Name: CD Wells
Date: 19 Oct 2006


I found you site while researching my family history. I believe Benjamin J. Wells is a cousin to my decent line based on family history and the available information. I have also seen his initail as being F and suspect this may be due to a clerical error caused by a corruption of the name Benjamin F(ranklin) Wells, Junior. "Wells, Benjamin Jr." would have been an easy transcription error. I've found no farther records of his son Charles, though his wife remarried. What further records would be available about him?

Name: Bob Nelson
Date: 18 Oct 2006


Have discovered my Greatgrandfather's brother was with General Terry's column Capt. Stephen Baker Company B, 6th Infantry, Commanding Officer. We knew he had something to do with Custer but not exactly what. Was a real discovery. He was in the Civil War also. Later promoted to Major. Another addition to our long history of proud Military service. We have a DSC Uncle WWI too. Myself and 5 brothers in Viet Nam. Father Italy WWII. Thanks, 1Lt Bob Nelson US Army Inf, 25th Div, Viet Nam 1967

Name: Lee Crockett
Date: 17 Oct 2006


William Henry Crockett was a Union soldier in the Civil War. He served in the 9th, 46th and 128th Indiana Infantry. His rank was that of Second Lieutenant. He was a scout-courier for both General Grant and General Sherman. Excerpt from memoirs of Jesse Emmet Crockett relating his father, William Henry Crockett’s, participation in the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 25, 1876. “Father also served under Custer and came near being in the massacre as he was a scout and had a message for Custer when Custer got killed. He was with some troops near Custer. The agreement was that whoever made contact with the Indians should fire three volleys if in need of assistance. The troops with my father – a few hundred contacted the 3000 Indians who attacked at once - being outnumbered the troops entrenched on top of a hill. Indians will not attack entrenched troops so these troops did not call for aid but soon heard Custer’s three volleys for aid. The troops were rearing to go but the officers knew the situation and refused to let them go. Came very near to being a mutiny right there as they could hear the fighting going on very clearly. Shortly after the battle my father visited the scene of the fight which was not as described in the history - but by the way the dead lay it showed that Custer had charged the Indians all over the valley. Custer’s 7 shot carbines were no good for long range so the Indians many of whom were armed with 45 repeating or single shot Winchesters fired on the troops from a distance and retreated as the troop charged. Custer left his horses soon after the fight started as he had dismounted and fought on foot - being outnumbered he was soon surrounded and the horses lost. I heard the fight described by an Indian who was in the fight which agreed with father’s account.”

Name: Frank Smith
Date: 14 Aug 2006


This site is amazing, I will come back to it.

Name: John Selders
Date: 02 Aug 2006


I finally visited the battle site in July of 2006, while I was in Billings for the Western Regional meeting of the motorcycle club I ride with (Police and Fire, active and retired). A group of us were taken to the battlefield by two of our Billings chapter members, one, an Unkpapa Sioux with his wife Jenna a   Northern Cheyenne and a great young man who is a police officer in Hardin. This battle has had a powerful grip on my heart since I read about it when I was about 10 (I'm 63) and this was the first time I was able to visit. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement I had never viewed the battle as good guys vs. bad guys (whichever side you choose) but as a struggle of epic proportions fought by two gallant and desperate opposing forces. I had no idea that there was a memorial to the trooper's horses and as I gazed at it the hair on the back of my neck stood up! For a cavalry man to shoot his horse to use as protection is the ultimate sacrifice. Even as a young man I could never rationalize the movement of Custer's troops that were given as fact (more than one theory) and even the most recent findings don't seem to mesh. After having been in the military I viewed those projections with misgivings. I've come up with a theory based mainly on military principals, logic, desperation and a dash of Custer's personality thrown in. After my visit to the battlefield they became even more concrete (to myself). As the Governor of my fair state once said "Ill be back!"

Name: Hoss Dugger
Date: 30 Jul 2006


Hello all, I am from Odessa Texas and was up in Montana on the 25th of July, My self, my wife and our four year old grand son. We went to the battle sight and having seen it on television. I thought I had seen it before......... WRONG!!!!!!!! How pretty is the setting. Almost unbelievable that a hundred and thirty years ago a terrible battle was fought. My little grand son was full of questions about the markers and I hope I installed in him a love for history that I have as I tried to explain to him the battle. He really seemed to understand and was fascinated by the story. We want to go back up there when we have more time, as we were up there on business and couldn't really take the time I wanted to. Wonderful trip, wonderful state, wonderful history. Hoss.............

Name: Charles
Date: 26 Jul 2006


A big hello to everyone. On the morning of June 25, 2006, I found myself at the Little Bighorn National Monument. I hadn't planned on being there. I was in the area the day before. I realized that the next day was the 130th anniversary of the battle, so a friend and I drove out for the morning ceremonies. It was a memorable, life enhancing experience! I took a photographic record of two observances.  You're welcome to visit the topic concerning the 130th anniversary and see the photos I took.

7/26 Charles: I know you mean well and you’ve provided a great travel guide on your blog about your trip to Little Bighorn, but I have one problem with what you’ve posted there. All the years that the Indians have been conducting their June 25 morning prayer ceremonies on Last Stand Hill (years before the Indian Memorial was built) we do not take photos of the ceremony out of respect. I wonder what the reaction would be if a stranger walked down the aisle, during morning church services, right up to the minister’s podium and started snapping photos?

Because of this, I’ve taken down the link to your site out of respect of our Indian members. If you decide to remove those particular photos, I’d be happy to repost the link again. In respect, Bob Reece.

Name: Thomas Best
Date: 23 Jul 2006


Dear Bob Reece, Charles Merkel sent me your way to order "Where Custer Fell" for use in my research on Lonesome Charley Reynolds. Thanks for the opportunity and the great website.

7/26 Thomas: I'm happy that Chuck told you about our book ordering service. We try to keep our members and visitors up to speed on the great books available about Custer, the Little Bighorn, Plains Indian Wars, and the American West through the cyber world. Thanks for your order and hope to see you back again soon. Good luck with your research. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Christian Engertsberger
Date: 21 Jul 2006


It´s a realy great work you do. Best wishes from the "Heart of Europe" (Austria). Hope to visit the Bighorn Battlefield next year again for the 4th time!

7/26 Christian: Thanks for dropping in all the way from Austria. Ireland, Scotland, Austria -- we've had a lot of international visitors here lately. It's so fantastic how the internet makes the world such a smaller place. I very much appreciate the world visiting our website to see what's going on at Little Bighorn. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Andrew McGarry
Date: 18 Jul 2006


Found your site by accident very informative and interesting. Will be back again and again. Keep up the good work. well done regards from Ireland.

7/26 Andrew: Thanks for visiting us from your beautiful country of Ireland. I hope to visit your country someday soon. My kids visited there in 2000 with their High School band. They were invited to march in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day parade as well as perform in other parts of your country. They loved it and had a grand time. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Walt Cross
Date: 16 Jul 2006


On June 25, 2006 the 130th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, my book "Custer's Lost Officer the Search for Lieutenant Henry Moore Harrington, 7th U.S. Cavalry (Company C) was published. This is the forensic and historical search for and eventual identification, of Lt. Harrington's remains. It is also the biography of the soldier the Indian Warriors referred to as "The bravest man the Sioux ever fought". Foreword written by Colonel John B. Harrington, Lt. Harrington's great grandson. Walt Cross MSG, U.S. Army Retired

Name: Anthony Craig
Date: 10 Jul 2006


Great job on the anniversary events! Great web page! But what is Ranger Mike Donahue's new theory? Dying to know. Thank you.

7/10 Anthony: Wish I could tell you, but I want to leave that up to Donahue to share when he has completed his book. As of June 25, 2006, he had finished with Custer at the Crow’s Nest, so Donahue still has some pages to go. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Megan Reece
Date: 06 Jul 2006


This year was really a great one; I didn't talk to anyone who had less than a fantastic time. Usually by the end of my trip, I'm a little "battlefield-ed out", but this year, I find myself perusing old pictures in my albums and on the website. Thanks to everyone for making the 130th so special.

Name: Mike Semenock, Snohomish, WA
Date: 03 Jul 2006


I sure had a good time at the battlefield June 22 through 26. A lot of energy from new members of the Friends. We enjoyed an informative program Friday evening with the presentation by James Brust and Sandy Barnard on the pictorial record of Last Stand Hill, followed by an incredible viewing of Supt. Luce's home movie footage, edited and accompanied by music, thanks to Friends President Bob Reece. The evening was topped off by a sunset interpretation on Last Stand Hill by Chief Historian John Doerner, as only John could present it. Several new members provided interpretation on the trails, with crowds of up to a dozen visitors gathering to learn more of the battle 130 years past. Thanks to Sean, Dave, Larry, Ron, Peter and the others. And, of course there were the veterans. Thanks to them, too. Thanks to Joanne for the white chocolate and Macadamia nut cookies and other treats! What a good time we had. See you all next year! Mike

7/4/06: It was great to see you once again Mike. I think everyone that attended the 130th anniversary events will remember them for a very long time. It’s even more special when you get to spend that time among Friends. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Rich Bishop
Date: 02 Jul 2006


Thanks for the great "Travel Recommendations" page. Say, you have answered questions in the past. You are very good at it. I really liked the "Vitamin G" comment. We are trying to plan a visit and thought your website is fantastic!!

You’re welcome Rich. For those who want to visit our “Travel Recommendations” page please go to:

Date: 02 Jul 2006



Name: Derek Forbes
Date: 28 Jun 2006


I read with interest an article in today's Daily Mail in Scotland, a story about John Hiley real name John Stuart Stuart Forbes, who died with Custer on the battlefield at Little Big Horn. I was intrigued to find that his sister's name was Henrietta Forbes, and also that there was a link to Edinburgh. My father's name was Henry Frederic Forbes, and my brother is John Henry Forbes. My great grandfather who was a successful Glassblower, with his own business in Edinburgh, was also Henry Frederic Forbes. I know of two other Henry Frederic Forbes's, and thought is it possible that John Stuart Stuart Forbes is in fact a relation of mine? If anyone can help me with tracing the tree, I would be much obliged. + Derek Forbes .Knight Templar

7/4/06 Derek: Thanks for sharing this information regarding Forbes with us. Hope all is well in Edinburgh. I visited your wonderful city 10 years ago this month. Stayed in Edinburgh two days, then rented a car and drove around the country for a week. Even though I was by myself, I never felt alone or a stranger – everywhere I went your countrymen made me feel at home. Regarding Forbes, not sure if you saw this  -- -- but you might check it out. Regards, Bob Reece

Date: 28 Jun 2006



Name: massimo buttinelli from rome italy
Date: 27 Jun 2006


The Gresy Grass is a wonderful place!

Name: James Court
Date: 27 Jun 2006


After reading Neal's article I found it pretty well balanced. I think it's time for CBHMA and Friends to do something to work together for a common goal.

Name: Charles Hubbard/Andrew Nalin
Date: 14 Jun 2006


We were at the Little Big Horn last year for my grandson Andrew's first visit. It really is breath taking, when your feet touch this sacred ground. Your web sight is the next thing to being there. It is just amazing the amount of material you have on this web site, with out a doubt, a most outstanding job. Truly a dedicated Custer Battlefield web-master. Thank you so much.

7/4/06 Charles: Thank you very much. This year marks my 25th of serving the battlefield in one form or another. I just can’t believe how fast those 25 years have gone by. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Janice I
Date: 02 Jun 2006


June 1, 2006 This website is awesome!! I visited this battle field last year October and didn't get a chance to purchase the video that they were showing at the time we were in the store. I would like to purchase a DVD or video of the full story of this battle and would also like to get a clear picture of the monument where I saw all the Indian from different agencies on the wall. There were names of all the Indians by there co-names.

Name: Randy Smith - TX
Date: 01 Jun 2006


Great Web Site!

Name: Anders Henriksson - Sweden
Date: 19 May 2006


Living more than far from Montana and Little Big Horn battlefield (I have been there three times) I must again add this comments. "Friends" page is Great, and a place i have a glance at everytime I'm on the Internet! Thanks for a great work with the site! Anders Henriksson Gothenburg Sweden.

7/4/06 Anders: Great to hear from you again. Anders was our second Swede to join Friends. Our first member, Curt, was able to attend the 130th anniversary events this year. Hope we can see you up there for the 135th Anders. Regards, Bob Reece

Date: 19 May 2006


I was at the Book Store and bought me a book of the west seem all the Movies about General george A Custer? my Question why he Split His Command Up? the Solider who die at the little lbh native America Too.was it Gold orSitting Bull out Flank Winchster Rife out shot the Solider Eugene Moore.

Name: Jenny
Date: 12 May 2006


I have only been to the battlefield once, but since then my curiosity about LBH has increased dramatically. I love the section on here that goes through the battlefield stages with pictures. Great job on that! I can't wait to visit the battlefield again. It's funny how a place can gnaw on our minds.

7/4/06: So true about how the place grows on you Jenny. I’m happy that you enjoyed Custer’s Last Stand on our website. Hope to see you at the battlefield someday. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: Ashley Shaw (Surrey, England)
Date: 08 May 2006


A fascinating and moving website - well done.

7/4/06: Thanks for the kind comments Ashley. It’s great to hear from our allies in Great Britain. We were fortunate to have over half a dozen of your countrymen attending the 130th anniversary events. Regards, Bob Reece

Name: John Bourdage
Date: 07 May 2006


This is a wonderful website. I enjoyed browsing through it very much. I just joined the Friends of the Little Big Horn and I am looking forward to any newsletters and/or publications that comes with the membership. I see my ol' friend, Chuck Merkel, on the board so I know it has to be a good group!

Name: Pat Reich
Date: 26 Apr 2006


My Great Uncle was one of Custer's men. Hope to visit some day soon.

Name: Debbie
Date: 25 Apr 2006


Back in March I attended the Indian Market in Arlington TX, and had the great HONOR of meeting and talking with Moses Brings Plenty. Even got a picture with him. I have always had a compassion for the Native Americans and been an advocate of these people I love. Pine Ridge has always had my heart ever since I first learned about it watching the movie "Skins". So to meet someone from there was a great dream come true. My other dream is to go there someday. My heart cries for what happened at Wounded Knee and all atrocities to all tribes. I am sorry.

Name: Graham H. Brooks of New Zealand
Date: 23 Apr 2006


Great site. I have always had an interest here in NZ on the Big Horn affair. I knew not why. It just interested me. In later years i was to find out why. I spent my teenage years growing up with a mate who was adopted at birth and who in the last few years was to find out he was in fact a Lakota Sioux. His father still lives on the reservation, some where near the monument and he has recently made the journey to meet him and his family. It has made me even more interested in the subject as i was able to copy and read some of the books that his father had. These were family books dating from around the 1900 era. Because of my past interest in the subject i am able to talk to my friend with some knowledge about his ancestors. I have just found your site and will make some more visits in the future as time permits.

Name: John
Date: 20 Apr 2006


What a great website. I like what I see and I'm thinking of joining up. Keep up the good work, Folks!

Name: Jeff
Date: 15 Apr 2006


Truly an excellent site!!! Ive been visiting for a couple of years now, and i once asked bob reece a question about the scout curley, and he replied which i didnt expect!!! Ive been reading about the last stand now for 16 years, just unfortunately a lot of the books are hard to get here in england!!! One day i will go to the battlefield, just got to convince the missus to go there for a holiday!!! If i was american, or lived there, id be there every year

Name: peter wolf
Date: 02 Jan 2006


To whom it may concern, Over the years i have studied and read many stories on "The American Civil War" and one which will go down in history and folklore, it still chills me greatly, when i read from both sides, survivors, blow by blow descriptions of the battle, before and after, "The Battle of Little Big Horn", also known as "Custer's Last Stand", simply gut-wrenching.

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