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Custer Battlefield Photos

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The Custer Battlefield (Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument) is one of the best spots on earth to take photos; not only for its historical significance but also the early evening shadows create an eerie feel to the site or produce light and shadows on the memorials that can take your breath away.

In this section of the Friends’ website we present photos of the Custer Battlefield.

We also offer you interesting before and after photos of Weir Point and Last Stand Hill  – "Changing Faces of Weir Point" and "Barry Photo Comparison."

A long time favorite are photos that Park Historian John Doerner took during the winter of 2003. I receive countless emails from visitors all over the world commenting on these photos. Thanks, John, for providing them to us -- "Winter at Little Bighorn."

View the first high definition photos of the battlefield -- "Custer Battlefield in Broadband" covers early morning sunrise on Last Stand Hill as well as every corner of the battlefield and cemetery.

Starting in November 2006 we invite you to "Share Your Photos" of Little Bighorn and/or other battle sites of the American West. Here is your chance to share your experience visiting historical places.

The most recent addition to this section of our website are High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos taken by Bob Reece. Since Bob first started photographing the battlefield in 1981, he believes HDR finally captures scenes of the battlefield as he views it.  Click on "Custer Battlefield High Dynamic Range".

These are just a few of the highlights from this section of our website. Click on the navigation buttons at right to find more photos of Custer Battlefield. We’ll add photos often on this site, so please come back to visit.

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