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White House Ornaments

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I received an interesting email from Superintendent Darrell Cook with photos attached of the Christmas Tree ornaments that will grace the 2007 White House Christmas tree. Mr. Cook wrote, "I thought you might enjoy these 360` photographs of some Xmas ornaments (approx 6" round). We received a request that Laura Bush sent to all NPS areas. She included the Xmas ornament to paint or decorate for the White House Xmas Tree this year. Hilliary Jones, a seasonal archeologist from Bighorn Canyon, painted the ornaments for Bighorn Canyon and Little Bighorn."

Ms. Jones did an outstanding job which you can see for yourself below. Mr. Cook sent the finished ornaments to First Lady Laura Bush, which she will use to decorate the White House Christmas Tree along with the other NPS ornaments submitted by the various National Park Service sites. We now provide photos of the ornaments as provided by Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.


Bob Reece                                                                                                                                                                 November 2007

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