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Soldiers and Warriors

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Names Of Those Who Fought & More

Thanks to Gary Gilbert, we add a new segment to our "Warriors at Little Bighorn" page on August 12, 2012. He has dug into the books and discovered warriors who fought at the Little Bighorn and also later performed in Buffalo Billís Wild West shows as well as a variety of lesser known. Click on "Warriors at Little Bighorn" at right, once on that page, scroll down and click on "Warriors Wild West Shows".


Warriors List Apr 26, 2014

Warrior AKA Jan 11, 2014

Noncombatants List Jan 11, 2014

LBH Bibliography Apr 26, 20144

7th Cavalry Muster Rolls July 13th, 2009

Warriors Performed Wild West Shows Apr 26, 2014

In this section of our website weíre proud to bring you as much material as we can regarding the people involved, from both sides, in the Sioux War of 1876. Credit needs to be given to John Doerner, Chief Historian at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument and volunteers Gary and Joy Gilbert for their diligent research.

Their efforts with The Touch Screen Project involved hundreds of hours turning pages in books, reviewing muster rolls, or trading email with helpful people from the Indian community like Ernie La Pointe (Great grandson of Sitting Bull), and Bruce Brown Wolf of the Cheyenne River Reservation. Results of their hard work are the 7th Cavalry soldier and warrior lists, which are included in a user-friendly computer (kiosk) in the visitor center of the battlefield. Visitors can find names of those buried in the National Cemetery, the 7th Cavalry muster rolls, and the warriors who fought in the battle.

The compact size kiosk stands neatly in a corner of the visitor center bookstore.

The visitor selects the items to view by pressing on the monitor.

Menu screen -- the visitor can choose a list of all those interred in the national cemetery, warriors and soldiers who fought in the battle & more.

one can search by browse or

one can search by typing in a name. This is a screen shot of the solider muster roll.

there are photos of the Crow's Nest and

there are historical photos of the battlefield

a screen shot of the warrior list.


The Kiosk Today -- Installed June 4, 2004

We provide the same lists for you here -- just click on the navigation buttons in the right margin of this page to begin your search for soldiers and warriors who fought and died at Custer's Last Stand or the complete registry of the Custer National Cemetery. You might begin this section by reading Gary and Joy Gilbertís background article on the Touch Screen Project behind the development of the kiosk.

Note:  As a result of the hard work of several individuals, the Friends of the  Little Bighorn Battlefield was first to provide these extensive lists of  participants  in  the Sioux War of 1876.  Our listing will change from time  to  time as new and more accurate information becomes available. Our  information  is  provided  directly  by  the  Park Historian at the Little Bighorn  Battlefield,  the  individual  with  access  to the best and most recent  information,  and  volunteers  working with him. 

In addition, our organization  is  the  only Custer organization with close contacts inside the  Indian  community,  which  is providing us with the most up-to-date warrior list.               

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