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The Next Generation In The Study Of Custer's Last Stand

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Stranger Than History

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We are excited about this new section of our website. We plan to surprise you with stories of wit, warmth and drama. Some may be fiction, some may be historical, but all of them will be…unusual.

Our first entry comes from author William Price. A short story published in “The Saturday Evening Post”, June 1976, "A Secret for the Centennial" reads like the truth, but isn't.  But in some ways it might be better than the truth.  If we could only find that pistol...

William Price, an editor for a consulting firm in New York, is the author of The Potlatch Run, a novel published by Dutton in 1971, and articles on the 1858 Steptoe Battle in Washington Territory, Jack Slade, and Charley Reynolds in True West and Frontier Times.

Our second story is written by Friends' member, Lola Mauer -- she envisions the battle as it may have been seen through the eyes of Wooden Leg.

Our last story is perfect for Halloween, or any time really -- be prepared for some very unusual stories of the Little Bighorn.