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Friends Projects 2014

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Friends Support Photo Analysis Project, $10,000 Raised, We Asked For YOUR HELP and you did. We Made It! Check Out The Thermometer Below...

Thank you to all our members and non-members who generously donated to this project. We realized we would make our goal last June, but had to wait until we received a matching donation from a member's employeer. It arrived in our mail forwarded from the battlefield. I'm extremely proud of our membership's support. It is important to remember that we reached our goal without having to use social media. It came from our members via the newsletter and word of mouth. Thanks again.

Background on Photo Analysis Project

The Battlefield has called upon Friends to aid with a critical project. We have a terrific partnership with the park and have been fortunate, thanks to member support, to provide funding for initiatives throughout the years. Park staff have asked us to help fund a copyright analysis of the historic images found in the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument museum archival collection. This will make nearly 2,000 19th century digitized photos accessible to students of the battle around the world. This overdue project is a first for the Little Bighorn, and Friends is proud to partner with the park.

The analysis is required to verify the origin of the images in the collection and ensure adherence to copyright laws. Completion of this project will allow the park to comply with federal copyright laws and more easily provide images to visitor information requests. The analysis will also make it easier for the park to place images online and in publications, while adhering to copyright laws. Visitors and researchers will have increased satisfaction with increased access to archival materials. Adherence to Federal Copyright laws will occur improving park operations and legal requirements. When the analysis is completed, a representative collection of scanned 19th century archival photos will be added to the park's webpage to allow visitors and researchers to sample some of the collections without directly interacting with them causing resource damage.

Friends is honored to play a key role in this effort. With the help of our members, we will make this project a reality.

How can you help?

The Battlefield has asked Friends for $10,000 to complete the photo analysis project. The Friends board voted to commit $5,000 for this crucial endeavor provided that our members collectively give $5,000. We look forward to providing Superintendent Swanke and the park with the requested $10,000. Will you join us and be part of this historic event? Just click on the donation button and give whatever your heart tells you. Every gift will help us reach the goal. We appreciate it very much.

Remember to check with your employer about a matching gift program. It is amazing how quickly a fundraising campaign can reach its goal thanks to such programs.


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