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Little Bighorn Soldier Graves

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Photos below courtesy Wayne Gutowsky unless otherwise noted.

5/13/11: Paul Hedren's list of soldier graves. PDF of "Where Are They Now". See navigation button at right.

5/12/08: Higher resolution photos of Pvt. William George's grave.

8/8/09 -- We've published a new and detailed update to "Soldier Burial Locations." Added update to "Soldier Burial Locations" on August 8, 2009

This is where you will learn where soldiers and officers who fought in the Battle of the Little Bighorn are currently buried.  There were many survivors of the battle, so they are interred in locations around the world.

Friends member and a long-time personal friend, Wayne Gutowsky has spent years driving down dirt roads, over mountain passes, and in rain, sleet, or snow in the pursuit of finding that next grave. Mr. Gutowsky is very generous in sharing his work with our website visitors.  We cannot thank Mr. Gutowsky enough for his unselfish contribution to the Friends website. At this time, Mr. Gutowsky is keeping his search for the graves in the United States only.

Some of Mr. Gutowsky’s photos of burial sites can be seen below with many more to follow. His list of the many graves he has visited can be accessed via the navigation button near top right: Soldier Burial Locations. The list is a pdf which we will continue to update as information becomes available.

This list is far from complete, so we encourage and invite everyone to add information to the soldier burial locations. If you know where a Little Bighorn soldier or officer is buried, please inform Mr. Gutowsky so he can update the list. Also, if you have photos of soldier's and officer's graves, we’d love to post them here.

Please email any information to Mr. Gutowsky:


Bob Reece

August 2007

Soldier Burial Locations updated October 18, 2007 (a big thank you to Gordon Harper for recent additions.)


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