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Dakota Column

Department of Dakota

Headquarters Staff:

Brig. General Alfred Howe Terry, USA (Brevet Maj. Gen USA)

AAAG Capt. Edward Worthington Smith, Co. G, 18th Infantry (Brvt. Lt.Col. USA)

AAQM 1st Lt. Henry James Nowlan, RQM, 7th Cavalry

ACS 2nd Lt. Richard Edward Thompson, Co. K, 6th Infantry

EO 1st Lt. Edward Maguire, Engineers

OO Capt. Otho Ernest Michaelis, Ordnance

CMO Capt. John Winfield Williams, Assistant Surgeon (Brvt. Major USA)

ADC Capt. Robert Hughes, CO. E, 3rd Infantry (Brvt. Major USA)

ADC 1st Lt. Eugene Beauharnais Gibbs, Co. C, 6th Infantry

Major Orlando Hurley Moore, 6th Infantry, Commanding

Company C, 6th Infantry

Capt. James W. Powell (Commanding Company)

2nd Lt. Bernard A. Byrne (Bn. ACS, AAQM)

1st Sgt. Edward B. Hanson


John Scott (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Michael Morris

James Dooley

Frederick Seaver


Charles Randolph

Charles Muessigbrodt

William S. Doyle (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

George W. Crans


Michael Foley


Hans Storm

Emanuel L. Hoffman


James Armstrong (At Ft. Buford, for duty)

Robert D. Atcheson

James Bisbing

Joseph Broderick

William H. Brown

John H. Cassidy (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

William H. Cecil

Warner Colwell

Daniel Corcoran

William W. Feaha

Edward Felber (On steamer ”Josephine” for duty)

William A. Hall

Henry Hamilton

Leslie Haven (E.D. as hospital steward since 14 May 1876)

Joseph Jacobs

John Kenny

Jeremiah Kieley (Confined in the field 28 June 1876)

Louis Kamer (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Daniel Maloney

Thomas Mathews

Joseph McElevey

George Monach

Patrick Murphy

Albert Phelps (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

August Reis

William F. Sagle

Charles Schwab (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

John J. Shaw ( At Ft. Buford, for duty)

Charles Simon

Julius Simonson (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Frederick W. Smith

Henry J. Smith

Henry C. Soltneidel

George W. Stephens (Deserted 18 May 1876)

Richard Thornton

William H. Wiggins

Company D, 6th Infantry

Capt. Daniel H. Murdock (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. Frederick W. Thibuat (Bn. Adjutant, escort on steamer “Josephine”)

1st Sgt. John J. Bowman


Alexander Wyley (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

William G. Gayle

Joseph Fox

Henry Fox (Drowned while ferrying mail 12 June 1876)


Samuel McLaughlin

James P. Foreaker

James W. Rodgers

Charles F. Lawson


William Copestick


Garrison Redd (Discharged in the field 24 May 1876)


Elmore Bradley

Jenson Campbell (At Ft. Buford, for duty)

Thomas Clark

Michael Connell

George Cook (Confined Newport, KY 27 Oct. 1875)

James Costigan (Confined in the field)

James Daly (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Daniel Deegan

Thomas Gibney (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

William Gibson (At Ft. Buford, sick)

Ole Halverson

Angelo Howard

George Howard

Henry Howard

Frank Hughes

Albert A. Hummell

Alexander Kinman (At Ft. Buford, discharged 17 May 1876)

John Maley

Martin McGowan

John W. Michley

William J. Mulhern (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

William M. Palmer (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Jacob Pippher

Martin Ramey

Webster Rednor

David Robinson

Wilmot P. Sanford

Thomas R. Smiley

Levi A. Stone

Samuel E. Teeters

Aaron T. Weierbach

James Winn

Company I, 6th Infantry

2nd Lt. George B. Walker (Commanding Company)

1st Sgt. Oscar W. Litchfield


George H. Love

Dennis Donavan

George Walker (Acting Sgt. Maj. of Bn. in the field)

Charles Roberts


Samuel L. Middaugh

Liemon P. Lyon (On leave 19 June 1876)

George McKee

Charles H. Adams


Louis Wahler


William S. Beaver

Patrick Boyle

Michael Buggle

Peter F. Clarison

John Craig

John H. Drusselmeir

John Dunlap (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Thomas Enright

Sylvester Fitzpatrick

John F. Frank

Henry Hammond (Deserted 20 June 1876)

Charles Johnson

Griffith Jones

Charles Kulp ( At Ft. Buford, for duty)

John Leonard

Amos W. Littlejohn (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

William Magee

Hugh McLaughlin

Anton Muller (Confined Stillwater, MN)

Thomas Murphy (At Ft. Buford, died 23 May 1876)

Peter O’Donnell

James E. Redd

Dennis Ring

Thomas Sanders

William A. Sartain (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

August Schomberg

Benjamin F. Shortis

Jacob Smith

John Smith

Charlie Stierle

John J. Sttuka (On steamer “Josephine” for duty)

Joseph Thalon

John Walsh

John C. Warner (Returned from leave 24 June 1876)

Gatling Gun Battery, 20th Infantry Detachment

2nd Lt. William Hale Low, Jr. (Co. C)

2nd Lt. Frank Xavier Kinzie, (CO. F)


Hugh Hynds (Co. B)


Jacob W. Crawford (Co. B)


Patrick Collins (Co. B, sick at Ft. Lincoln)

Phillip W. Devereaux (Co. B, detached service with Co. B, 6th Inf.)

Rufus Henderson (Co. B)


Lafayette Davis (Co. C)


Thomas F. Boen (Co. C)

William A. Ellis (Co. C)

John McCormack (Co. C)

Edward McDonald (Co. C)

Edward Lowell (Co. D)

George Rivers (Co. D)


Peter G. Burdeff (Co. F)


Neal Devlin (Co. F)

James Gordon (Co. F)

Thomas Powers (Co. F)

William Robinson (Co. F)

William G. Smith (Co. F)


Thomas Tully (Co. G, D.S.W/Co. B, 6th Inf.)

James J. McGirr (Co. G, D.S.W/Co. B, 6th Inf

Thomas F. Oldsworth (Co. H)


James Gomely (Co. H)

Napoleon Miller (Co. H)

John Pangburn (Co. H)

James Shields (Co. H)


Peter E. Monaghan (Co. I, detached service with Co. B, 6th Inf.)

Edward Alezander (Co. I)


Charles Birns (Co. I, detached service with Co. B, 6th Inf.)

William Kelly (Co. I)

John Mains (Co. I, D.S.W/Co. B, 6th Inf.)

Company B, 6th Infantry

Capt. Stephen Baker (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. John Carland

1st Sgt. Thomas Farrell


Solomon Savage (Discharged in the field 26 May 1876)

Hugh Kernan

Charlie Griswold (At Ft. Lincoln, for duty)

William Brinkman


William R. Mooney

Peter Engelhardt


James Sharlett

Daniel DeLany


James Armstrong

Charles Birach

Albert E. Brown

William Buckley

James Cameron

James Clark

William Costigan

Patrick N. Crowley

John Dark

John Duffy

Spencer Edwards

John Falardo

William Finnegan (At Powder River Camp)

Patrick Fitzsimmons

Julius B. Fleming

Isaac Hedden (At Ft. Lincoln, for duty)

Robert F. Jones

Barney Kamphouse

John Kistler

William Langton

James Martin

Michael McCarthy

Patrick F. McCarthy

Michael G. Minchin

James Murray

Thomas Nolan

John O’Conners

Charles D. Palmer (At Powder River Camp)

James Reedy (At Ft. Lincoln for duty)

John Sarratt

William Scott

Conrad Sieffert

Edward T. Spring

Thomas Whalen (Confined Fargo, D.T., 23 June 1876)

George Withrow

Temporary duty at camp on Little Missouri 29 May 1876, from 20th Inf.:


Peter E. Monahan(sic) (Co. D, ? Co. I)


Thomas Tully (Co. G)


Philip N. Devereaux (Co. D, ? Co. B)

James McGirr (Co. G)

Charles Birns (Co. G, ? Co. I)

John Mavis(Mains) (Co. G)

Company C, 17th Infantry

Capt. Malcolm McArthur (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. Frank D. Garretty

2nd Lt. James D. Nickerson

1st Sgt. James Johnston (At Ft. Wadsworth, sick)


Charles Smith

Daniel O’Grady (At Ft. Wadsworth, sick)

Eugene Snow

Joseph Marchand


Patrick Mulcahy

Anton Schindler (At Ft. Abercrombie, for duty 19 Oct 1874)

James Dignon

Carl Kohlepp


Sanford F. Brown

Charles Becker

Frank F. Bang

John Curtis

John H. Cummins

William H. Crosby (Confined in the field)

Leonard Deitz

Charles Fox

Richard Fowler

Joseph Greenwald

James Gruver

Thomas W. Graham

William Harris

Joseph Heuser

John Hunter

Boward Hussey (Deserted 17 May 1876)

Andrew Johnson (E.D. as hospital attendant since 1 May 1876)

Martin Kruger

James Kelly

Fred H. Little (At St. Paul, MN, for duty 5 Oct 1875)

Louis P. Milligan

James McElroy

William McLain

George McAlvey

William Miller (At Ft. Wadsworth, sick)

Charles Odeu

John H. Perkins

Eli Prescott

John J. Phillips

Thomas Plunkett

Thomas W. Rance

Casper Strohm

Alex F. Smith

John Speirs

Robert Sproul

Frank Shepler

John E. Spalding

Charles H. Stewart

Hugh C. Thompson

Frank H. Thomas

John L. Waldo

Company G, 17th Infantry

Capt. Louis H. Sanger (Commanding Company, Brvt. Major USA)

1st Lt. Josiah Chance (Depot Quartermaster)

2nd Lt. Henry Perrine Walker

1st Sgt. William Bolton


George F. W. Miller

William Mayer

Frank E. Osgood

James Hewitt


John Stanley

David Street

John McCarthy

Thomas Parnell


Michael Crowley


James Brierly


Charles F. Almon

Darian W. Batterall

Charles Beckman

Frederick G. Bond

Herman Binkhoff

William Butler

John Casey

Charles Carlton (At Ft. Lincoln, for duty)

Samuel Cling

Albert Davis

Owen P. Duffy

Daniel Dixon (At Washington, DC, Insane Asylum 14 Sept. 1874)

George Ferrers

Martin Gannon

William Hammond (At Ft. Lincoln, sick)

Henry Keeler

George Kellerman

Charles A. Kelly (At Ft. Lincoln, sick)

Max W. Kistner (At Ft. Lincoln, for duty)

John Lyons

John D. Massingale

Eben A. Maxfield (At Ft. Lincoln, for duty)

Francis Marriaggi

Charles Muller

John McCarthy

Edward B. McCarthy

Charles Miller (1st)

Charles Miller (2nd)

William Myers

Fulton A. Nichols

Louis R. Nieschang

Terrence O’Brien

John Petit

William Ritchart

Thomas Rogers

Walter Seamon

Francis A. Steele

Philip Trotvine

Maurice Ward

John Whitford

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