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Reno Benteen Battlefield Warrior Marker Ceremony


Webmaster's Note: Below are photos from the Reno Benteen Battlefield warrior markers unveiling held on June 24, 2006.

All photos © Sonja LaPointe, Lola Mauer, Bob Reece, Mike Semenock, and Curt Wahrme as noted.


Hawk Man Marker Unveiled


Hawk Man’s covered marker. Photo by Reece

Crowd gathers before ceremony. Photo by Reece

Crowd gathers before ceremony. Marker for Hawk Man covered with a buffalo calf robe seen in foreground. Photo by Reece

Riders from the Crazy Horse family arrive upon the Reno-Benteen Battlefield. Photo by Wahrme

They rode on horseback to the battlefield from Slim Buttes, SD. Photo by Wahrme

They stood silently throughout the entire program. Photo by Mauer

Friends’ board member and park ranger, Jerry Jasmer with Chief Historian LBH, John Doerner. Photo by Mauer

Doerner stands next to Floyd Clown. Photo by Reece

Alexa Hunsaker – one of our youngest cavalrywomen. She is an incredibly bright girl who appeared to enjoy the entire weekend. Photo by Semenock

l-r: Megan Reece, Ron Thomas, and Sonja LaPointe. Photo by LaPointe.

Steve Alexander’s group finally arrives after the long march from Medicine Tail Ford. Photo by Reece

Alexander’s group rests their horses beside the Crazy Horse riders. Photo by Reece

You’ll recognize Alexander as the actor who portrays Custer in all the documentaries on the History Channel. Photo by Mauer

Cook and Doerner wait for ceremony to begin. Photo by Reece

Cook starts ceremony and soon introduces 10th Special Forces. Photo by Reece

Officers from the 10 Special Forces, Ft. Carson, CO approach the Hawk Man marker. Photo by Reece

Where they gently lay a wreath before the marker. Photo by Reece

They walk back up the hill, then turn around and stand as still as statues. Photo by Reece

The two officers then salute Hawk Man. Photo by Reece

You could hear a pin drop. Photo by Wahrme

The wreath brought by the 10 Special Forces. Photo by Wahrme

Floyd Crown speaks to the guests and then says a prayer in Lakota. Photo by Reece

Sylvan Longbreak with assistance from Clown prepare to remove the cover from the marker. Photo by Reece

The crowd witnessed history in the making. Photo by Reece

As a relative of Hawk Man, a young boy named Sylvan unveils the marker. Photo by Reece

Hawk Man. Photo by Reece

Curator Sharon Small hands the first offering to Sylvan to be placed at the marker. Photo by Reece

Sylvan accepts the offering from Sharon Small. Photo by Semenock

Friends’ board member, Lola Mauer, places an offering for Hawk Man. Photo by Reece

A soldier recently returned from fighting in Iraq places his offering at the Breech Cloth marker. Photo by Semenock

William Carrington, descendent of the commander at Ft Phil Kearny places an offering for Breech Cloth. Photo by Semenock


The Cavalry Meets Sitting Bull


Ernie LaPointe, great great grandson of Sitting Bull, meets members of the 10 Special Forces. Photo by Reece

And then he meets the next officer. Photo by Reece

“You want me to jump with you guys tomorrow?” Photo by Reece

“I did enough jumping in Vietnam. I’ll watch tomorrow if you don’t mind?” Photo by Reece

What a sight! Imagine what was happening on this very spot 130 years ago, and then look now. Amazing. Photo by Reece

What a great group photo by Lola Mauer.

It looked like these guys had always known each other. Photo by Reece

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