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LBH: Step Back In Time

Webmaster's Note: Below are photos from the Friends fundraiser held on June 23, 2006.

All photos © Lola Mauer, Megan Reece, Bob Reece, Mike Semenock, and Curt Wahrme as noted.


Guests arrive for evening fundraiser. Mike Semenock sitting at table. Longtime Friends member (one of the very first) Kay Hunsaker stands far left.

Sean McCue and Semenock having one of countless interesting discussions at the registration table. Photo by BR

Ron Thomas presents a gift to Doerner – a difficult book to find about Wild Bill Hickok. Photo by BR

Joanne Blair and another very first Friends member, Craig Fischer discuss something! Photo by BR

Friends’ board member, Lola Mauer, gets her camera ready to go. We’ll be showcasing some of her great black & white photos. Photo by BR

Craig Fischer has been a long time friend of the battlefield and a great person to know -- photo by BR

The guests get seated – start the show! Photo by Semenock

The show is almost ready to start. Seated in front at far right is Swede, Curt Wahrme and talking to him is new member Ron Martin. Photo by BR

Superintendent Darrell Cook welcomes guests. We had a great 60-inch widescreen television to watch the presentations. Photo by MR

Friends President Bob Reece introduces the first speakers, Dr. James Brust and Sandy Barnard -- photo by Wahrme

Speaker Dr. James Brust -- photo by MR

Began his research of historical photos of LBH over a decade ago. This evening the presentation focused on Last Stand Hill. Photo by Wahrme

Speaker Sandy Barnard -- photo by Semenock

Barnard partnered with Brust and the late Brian Pohanka with the research and the writing of “Where Custer Fell.” Photo by Wahrme

Friends’ board member Chuck Merkel presents the new print of Sitting Bull by the great artist, Ken Ferguson. Photo by Wahrme

Chief Historian, John Doerner, introduces the Luce documentary -- photo by MR

Doerner has been employed at the battlefield for over 15 years. Photo by Wahrme

Barnard and Brust sign copies of “Where Custer Fell.” Photo by MR

Guests arrive on Last Stand Hill after the battlefield closed to public and in time to view a magnificent Montana sunset. Photo by MR

Guest's first-time experience of standing on Last Stand Hill after the gates to the Monument have closed to the public. Photo by Semenock

Cricket Pohanka at left with Brian Pohanka’s cousin John Pohanka. Photo by Semenock

First time Friends’ volunteers. At right is Dave Depperman; beside him is Peter Hill of G.B. Photo by Semenock

Anita Donofrio and C. Lee Noyes. Photo by Semenock

Man with back facing us is Randy Hunsaker, Kay Hunsaker, Phil Dyer, Dale Kosman, and the Hunsaker children. Photo by Semenock

7th Cavalry Monument at sunset -- photo by MR

A wonderful black & white photo of the monument just before the sun has gone as photographed by Friends board member Lola Mauer.

Markers inside the fence. Photo by Wahrme

John Doerner begins his magnum opus of his career for LBH Battle Talks. Seriously, none of us who were there will ever forget. Photo by Semenock

Little Bighorn author Bob Snelson listens as Doerner continues his presentation after dark. Photo by Semenock

Doerner wraps up the evenings fantastic program. Photo by Wahrme

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