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Friends & Volunteers 2006


Webmaster's Note: Below are photos of Friends members and trail volunteers from June 24-25, 2006.

All photos © Lary Bright, Lola Mauer, Bob Reece, Mike Semenock, and Curt Wahrme as noted.


Friends Board Director Lola Mauer -- her favorite place to volunteer is Keogh Trail. Self Image!

Austin Reece at the Deep Ravine wayside -- photo by Reece

Dave Depperman browsing books in the visitor center bookstore. Dave was a big help giving transportation for our British Friends. Photo by Semenock

Hank Pangione of Boston. Hank’s second year to interpret -- his favorite place to volunteer is Keogh Trail. Photo by Reece

We placed an interpreter at the Indian Memorial for the first time this year, which Megan Reece happily volunteered for. Photo by Reece

First time visitors Jerry Herridge and daughter Stephanie from Idaho. Photo by Semenock

First time volunteer, Dave Depperman of Florida, Lola, and Austin just before the start of the ceremonies at Reno Benteen Battlefield. Photo by Reece

Long time Friends interpreter (I think from the very first year) Phil Dyer. Thanks for the journal Phil. Photo by Semeonck

Friends first British interpreter, Peter Hill helping visitors on the Deep Ravine Trail. Photo by Semenock

Seasonal Park Ranger and Friends’ Board Director Jerry Jasmer hands out water to visitors on Last Stand Hill. Photo by Semenock

Fellow Texans and first time Friends visitors Gay Jones (l) and Heather Deschane on Last Stand Hill. Photo by Semenock

Friends’ members all l-r: Larry Bright, Ernie LaPointe, and Gloria Bright. Photo provided by the Brights.

First time Friends visitor Melani Van Petten of Oakland California. Melani supports her local NPS Friends organization as well. Photo by Semenock

Our first Swedish Friends member who we are lucky to see almost every year, Curt Wahrme. Photo by Semenock

Friends Board Director Mike Semenock answering visitors’ questions at the Mitch Bouyer marker, Deep Ravine Trail. Photo by Reece

Hank and first time Friends visitor, Ron Martin of Florida – turns out both are Myles Keogh nuts!! Photo by Reece

Megan, and longtime boyfriend and savior for the NPS, Ron Thomas. Photo by Reece

Wahrme and Ken Custer after the June 25 wreath laying ceremony. Photo by Semenock

Mike Semenock visiting with Sean McCue. Sean interpreted on Last Stand Hill. Photo by Wahrme


I sincerely apologize to our volunteers that I don’t have photos for: Kay Hunsaker, Jack & Marsha Davis, Dale Kosman, and Jim May. If any of you have photos of you on the trails or attending a ceremony, please email them to me so I can add them to this section.

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