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Eddie & Isabella: For Parents

Since the goal of Eddie & Isabella is to encourage children to want to visit the national parks, we thought we would share a few thoughts with parents.

We believe if the child can participate in some fashion with our website, then the child will be motivated to visit a national park, state park, and/or historical site. Seeing Eddie & Isabella photographed in the Parks and encouraging the child to take photos of their favorite stuffed animal, doll, and/or toy (Friend) in a Park is one way to motivate. Better yet, if we post that photograph on our Eddie & Isabella website, then the child feels like they are participating fully.

What a great way for a family to spend quality time together by getting outdoors to one of our national parks. While there, snap photos of your child with their favorite Friend and then email them to us. We'll post them in our Eddie & Isabella Gallery along with the other children who have participated.


Abby of Idaho is our first child photographed with Eddie & Isabella

Photo by Joanne Blair

Abby was the first child we photographed for Eddie & Isabella National Park Friends. While I take photos of Eddie & Isabella in the Park, Joanne is busy suggesting the next pose for me to take, and talking extensively to visitors as they inquire as to what we're doing photographing stuffed animals in the great outdoors. We used to feel apprehensive taking such photographs in the middle of a crowd but now we know what to expect. Strangers are quickly strangers no more as one after another approach us with a big smile and ask what we're doing. After we explain the purpose of the photo shoot, it is only a matter of time before people ask if we would take a photo of them holding Eddie & Isabella.


While visiting Mesa Verde National Park, Jenny of England couldn't wait to take a picture with Eddie & Isabella

We believe strongly in protecting the privacy of your child. We use first names and state or country only. We also insist that one or both of the parents give us permission. Please include the name of the child, the state you live in, the name of the place the photo was taken, and the date. All final decisions to publish the photo in the Eddie and Isabella Gallery is the sole discretion of Bob Reece and Joanne Blair.

Please send all photos in jpeg format to:

Bob and Joanne hope someday that children will ask their parents to take them to a national park instead of the parents insisting they do. Our Parks are too beautiful for us not to experience. Take your children to the Parks and bring home wonderful memories.

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