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Black White Man Marker


Webmaster's Note: Below are photos of the National Park Service and Friends official unveiling ceremony for Minnikojou Lakota, Wasicu Sapa (Black White Manís) marker. For more about this, please read our full coverage of the events commemorating the 130th anniversary.

All photos © Larry Bright, Sonja LaPointe, Chuck Merkel, Bob Reece,

and Mike Semenock as noted.


Crowd gathers before the ceremony. Photo by Reece.

l-r: Douglas War Eagle, Ernie LaPointe, and Superintendent Darrell Cook before ceremony. Photo by LaPointe.

l-r: Joanne Blair and Ranger Rogene Whiteman. Photo by LaPointe.

Ranger Sharon Small during ceremony. Photo by Semenock.

War Eagle and LaPointe remove the covering from the marker. Photo by Reece.

Black White Man is remembered forever. Photo by Reece.

LaPointe and War Eagle stand next to one of the eight new warrior markers. Black White Man is honored with this marker. Photo by Reece.

War Eagle and LaPointe lay the wreath. Photo by Reece.

An honor song is played. Photo by LaPointe.

Sharon Small, Ernie & Sonja LaPointe, War Eagle. Photo by Reece.

Two family members of warriors who fought at the LBH in a moment of reflection. Photo by Larry Bright.

Black White Man's marker. Photo by Merkel.


At the conclusion of the program, the crowd followed Gibson's group as it marched up Last Stand Hill where they laid a wreath at the base of the 7th Cavalry Monument. Please join us at the monument for the ceremony.

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