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Montana Column

Montana Column

Headquarters Staff:

Col. John Gibbon, 7th Infantry (Brvt. Maj. Gen. USA)

1st Lt. Levi Frank Burnett, Adjutant, 7th Infantry (Brvt. Capt. USA)

1st Lt. Joshua West Jacobs, RQM, 7th Infantry

1st Lt. Holmes Offley Paulding, Assistant Surgeon


George Herendeen


Capt. William Logan (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. Charles Austin Coolidge

1st Sgt. John Rafferty


Patrick Rogan (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Samuel Plant

Richard B. Dickinson

George C. Meysel (At old Ft. Pease, sick)


Paul Daniels

James Randall (Special duty with Gatling Gun Detachment)

Adolph Heinzman

Christian Sipfler (At old Ft. Pease)


John McLennon

Henry McNary (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)


Joseph Klewitz (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)


Charles Alberts (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Lorenzo D. Brown

August Brethauer (At Ft. Shaw, discharged 5 May 1876)

John Cannon (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

George W. Cullom

James Doyle (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

James Drew

James E. Goodwin (special duty with Mounted Detachment)

Thomas Harrington

Levi Heider

George Leher

James C. Lehmer

Lemuel Loomis (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Michael J. McCabe (At Ft. Shaw, sick)

William MacBeth (At Ft. Leavenworth, Dishonorable Discharge 15 May 1876)

John C. Martin

William Moore (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Carl Pilts (With Col. Gibbon’s Head Quarters, pioneer party)

John G. Pfenniger (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Morris C. Roche (Special Duty, Gatling Gun Detachment)

Joseph Smith

John B. Smith

Patrick Sullivan

Edward Stumpf

William H. Thompson (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

James Walsh (Special duty with Mounted Detachment)

William Walter

James Collins

Temporarily attached for duty at Fort Shaw 9 Mar 1876:


William H. Aubrey  (Co. G)

John J. Conner        (Co. G)

Isaac H. Spayd         (Co. G)

Frank McCollum     (Co. F, at old Ft. Pease)


Capt. Thaddeus S. Kirtland (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. James H. Bradley (Commanding Mounted Detachment)

2nd Lt. Charles A. Booth

1st Sgt. John Cashman


Leroy H. Dayton (At old Ft. Pease, discharged 31 May 1876)

Michil Lauls (At Ft. Ellis, discharged 16 June 1876)

William Wolchert

Henry E. Schreiner (acting Commissary Sgt. Attached to Co. K, 7th Infantry)


Henry Smith

George Jabowing

William A. Short (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Thomas Baiggo


Phillip Reid


John Baaer

John O. Bennett (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Herbert Clark

Patrick Coakly

Alfred DeGroot

Augustus W. Ford

Frank Geiger

Frederick Groshan

Frank E. Hastings

William Hinkler

William Ickler

Albert Kifer (Special duty with Mounted Detachment)

James Knox

John Madden (Special duty with Mounted Detachment)

George  F. Meakings (At Chicago, IL for duty as clerk)

John Miller

Edward Mulcahy

Edgar W. Parker

Edward Poetling

Martin Reap

Gelbert Roseboon (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Joseph C. Sinsil (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Louis Striber

Sylvester Waltz

James A. Watson (At Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

August Weber

Benjamin F. Williams (At Ft. Shaw for duty)

Temporarily attached for duty at Ft. Shaw, March 9, 1876:


Frank McHugh (Co. G)

James Norton (Co. G)

Edward Welsh (Co. G)


Capt. Walter Clifford (Commanding Company)

2nd Lt. George S. Young

1st Sgt. Peter T.R. Van Ardene


Samuel Bellow (At Camp Baker, for duty)

James Bell

Daniel Dommitt

George W. Jaques (At Camp Baker, for duty)


Collomb Spalding

William Wright

John C. Clark

William D. Bendell (Promoted Cpl. May 7, 1876)


George C. Beary

John Rafferty


William Atkinson (In confinement at Camp Baker June 18, 1876)

Charles A. Barker

James Bell

John Burns

Matthew Butterly

John Duane

Matthias Efferts

William Evans

William Funk (Reduced from Cpl. May 3, 1876)

Charles Grady (In confinement with civil authorities, Dec. 8, 1875)

William Gray (In confinement with civil authorities, March 14, 1876)

Henry Heiner (At Camp Baker, discharged May 5, 1876)

William Hensley

August Hickman (At Ft. Columbus, NY waiting transport)

Francis Honicker

Lewis G. Hubbard

John Miller

Vincent McKenna

James McKibben

Thomas Mullen (At Camp Baker, for duty)

William Noonan

Thomas O’Malley

Frederick A. Rapp (At Camp Baker, for duty)

August Raw

Walter S. Robertson

William H. Sanders

Thomas Scott

Benjamin F. Stewart

James M. Thomas (At Camp Baker, discharged 29 March 1876)

Samuel Wallace

George W. Wood

Temporarily attached for duty at Camp Baker March 14, 1876:


Lewis G. Einbaum (Co. D, at old Ft. Pease)

Riley R. Lane (Co. D)


John Howard (Co. D)

Robert F. Williams (Co. D, extra duty as hospital attendant)


Capt. Henry B. Freeman  (Commanding Company & Battalion)

2nd Lt. Frederick M.H. Kendrick

1st Sgt. George G. Howard


John M. Glengell (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Charles A. Hill

George Stein

Edward M. Ferguson


William Moran

Eugene Navarra

Patrick Rudden

James Costello


Francis Rein

Robert L. Cosgrove (At Ft. Shaw for duty)


Joseph Barkman

Joseph Biddle

William Bolts

John H. Buskirk

Robert Copely

Thomas Curran

Patrick J. Finigan

Augustus Freiberg

Eugene Grant

Henry S. Groff (Special duty with Mounted Detachment)

Elijah Hall

Albert H. Jones

Peter Lorentzen

Thomas Martin

George Matthews

Martin Millet

Michael Partridge

James Reader

George Rivers

Henry Rice (Special duty with Mounted Detachment)

Albert Ross

Henry Scott

Archy T. Segmen

George Von Thianich (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Charles Walters

William West

George F. Woodard

William H. Woodhouse

Frank Wolfe

Peter Young (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Temporarily attached for duty at Ft. Shaw, March 9, 1876:


William D. Mathews (Co. G)

Frank B. Morton (Co. G, at old Ft. Pease)


1st Lt. William J. English (Commanding Company)

2nd Lt. Alred B. Johnson

1st Sgt. Thomas H. Wilson


Michael Rigney (On Steamer “Far West” sick)

Patrick Bosquill

Michael Hogan


Charles Bishop

George A. Wolfe

John L. Reynolds

Richard M. Cunliffe


Robert Gilbert (At Ft. Shaw for duty)


Charles P. Arden (At Ft. Shaw for duty)

John Bane

James Bell

William Carson (At Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Thomas Collins

Lewis Chaplin

Gustav Eishorn (At Ft. Shaw, discharged May 5, 1876)

Patrick Fallon

Thomas Frost

Moses W. Gebhard (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Henry Gray

Maurice Keating (Confined at Ft. Shaw)

Charles J. Keegan

William Lauett

Edward Linehau

Charles Meinhart (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Peter Moan

Nicholas Murphy

Richard Orrington

Thomas Ralph

William Roller (Special service with Mounted Detachment)

Patrick Scanlon

Henry Scott (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Walter Seldon

Calvin Smith

Joseph B. Stivers (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Peter Tenni

William Thompson

James Wilhight

Thomas Wilkinson

Temporarily attached for duty at Ft. Shaw 9 Mar 1876:


William Baker (Co. G, at old Ft. Pease)


Holmes L. Coon (Co. G)

Charles Heinze (Co. G)

Martin Sullivan (Co. G, special service with Mounted Detachment)


Capt. James M. J. Sanno (Commanding Company)

2nd Lt. Charles A. Woodruff (Battalion Adjutant & Cmdg. Gatling Gun Detachment)

1st Sgt. Walter E. Garlock


Thomas F. Stanford

Louis Hines (At Ft. Pease, sick)

William J. Wilson

James E. Moran (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)


Thomas Cox (At old Ft. Pease, discharged 5 May 1876)

James D. Abbott (Special service with Mounted Detachment)

Fredrick Stortz (Special duty with Gatling Gun Detachment)


Herman Wendling


John Kleis

Charles W. Fannin (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)


James Allen (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

August W. Bender (Special duty with Gatling Gun Detachment)

Thomas J. Bishop (At Ft. Shaw, discharged 12 June 1876)

Howard Clark

Orison C. Cochran

Peter H. Conniff

Peter W. Frost (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Joseph Gallagher

Jacob Goldberg (Confined in the field 17 Apr. 1876)

David Heaton (Extra duty with Mounted Detachment)

Lummen W. Hoffman (S.D. with Gatling Gun Detachment)

Philo O. Hurlburt (At old Ft. Pease, sick)

Charles Keating

Robert Marlow

William MacIntosh (Special duty with Mounted Detachment)

James McFarland

Frederick Meyer (At old Ft. Pease)

Frank Murphy (Special duty with Gatling Gun Deatchment)

Edwin L Perkins (At Ft. Shaw, dishonorably discharged 20 Apr. 1876)

Noah G. Pomeroy

George Rogers (At old Ft. Pease)

Joseph Sanford

William Simon

Richard Smith (At Ft. Shaw, for duty)

Michael Stritten

Temporarily attached for duty at Ft. Shaw 9 Mar 1876:


Joseph L. Farrell (Co. G, special duty with Mounted Detachment)


Michael Fogerty (Co. G)

Robert M. Isgrgg (Co. G, special duty with Mounted Detachment)

John Meier (Co. G)

Specially attached by verbal order of Capt. Freeman:


Henry E. Schwinn (Co. B, 7th Inf., Acting Commissary Sgt.)

Charles Becker (Co. D, Bn. of Engs.)

1st cl. Pvt. Joseph Weis (Co. D, Bn. of Engs.)


1st Lt. James Howard Bradley, Co. B, 7th Infantry


James D. Abbott (Co. K, special duty)


James Walsh (Co. A, special duty)

James E. Goodwin (Co. A, special duty)

Albert Kefer (Co. B, special duty)

John Madden (Co. B, special duty)

William Noonan (Co. E, special duty in August & October Only)

Henry S. Graff (Co. H, special duty)

Henry Rice (Co. H, special duty)

William Roller (Co. I, special duty)

Martin Sullivan (Co. I, special duty)

David Heaton (Co. K, special duty)

William McIntosh (Co. K, special duty)

INTERPRETERS, SCOUTS & GUIDES (* Indicates Detached Duty 22 JUNE 1876 with Custer Column)

USQMD Interpreters/Scouts/Guides:

*Mitch Bouyer (Interpreter)

*George B. Herendeen (Scout)

Crow Scouts:

*Corporal Half Yellow Face


*Goes Ahead

*Hairy Moccasin

*White Man Runs Him

*White Swan


Major James Sanks Brisbin (Brvt. Col. USA)


2nd Lt. Charles F. Roe (Commanding Company)

1st Sgt. Alexander Anderson


John R. Nelson

Thomas Wallace

William Leipler

Richard Davis

John H. Serven


Edward G. Granville

Ausburn B. Conklin (Escorting mail from Ft. Ellis)

E. Dwight Chapman


William C. Osmer


Joseph Baker


William J. Cleeland


Thomas Jones


Frederick Allen

George H. Barnes (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Claus Brummer (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

William Burke

Benjamin Betts

James Bovard (Extra duty as hospital attendant)

Andrew Brouse (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

Thomas Carroll

Marion Childers (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

John Craden (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Robert H. Cowen

Michael Cowley

John E. Duggan

James Farrell

Thomas Graham

Frank Glackewsky

Edward Harrington

Charles E. Hall

John W. Jones

Christie Kaiser

Charles A. Lauthammer

Charles Leslie (Escorting mail to Ft. Ellis)

John McLaughlin

George W. M. Merryman (At Ft. Sanders, for duty as Drum-Major)

David Melvill

John G. Moore

John J. O’Flynn

John O’Sullivan

Adolf Puryear

William S. Parker

Daniel C. Starr

George Schick (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

George H. Sibbeske

George Shuless

Oliver Shaw (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

William F. Somers

Charles Sweeny (Confined Ft. Ellis)

Edward Seibert

Thomas Turnholt

Henry Watson

Joseph Waller

George S. Wall

William H. White

Alonzo Wilfert (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Johan Youk (Escorting mail to Ft. Ellis)


Capt. James N. Wheelan (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. Gustavus C. Doane

2nd Lt. Edward J. McClernand (Acting Eng. Off. Col. Gibbon’s Staff)

1st Sgt. George E. Barnaby


Asher Davey (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

George W. Prentice

Andrew Peffer

George Perry

John Ruth


Frederick E. Server

Christian Allspach

Patrick Cigan

Kermit G. Nail


Christian Leitz

Wheeler H. Polk


Thomas Hinton


Richard Coam (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)


Robert Somers


Fowler R. Applegate

John F. Atkinson

Patrick F. Brady (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Charles Baker (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Morris Babitsch (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Herbert Bixby

John J. Clarkins (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Thomas K. Collins

James A.Chamberlain

Francis Conner (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

John Dale

Wiley D. Dean

John Dugan

Herbert O. Evans (At old Ft. Pease)

William H. Fletcher (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Jacob Forren (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

John Fitzgerald

Benjamin F. Harper (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Edward J. Hamilton (At old Ft. Pease)

Morris H. Huth

John Irving

John Keegan (At old Ft. Pease)

John Kinsler (At Ft. Sanders, for duty)

Jackson Kennedy (At old Ft. Pease)

Joseph Kroll

Michael Kearney

Frederick R. King ( At Ft. Sanders, for duty)

Walter Lookstedt

Francis Long

Charles Mallis

Michael McCaffery

Henry W. Merrick (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Alfred Norman (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

William G. Osborn

William H. Power (At old Ft. Pease)

James Rotchford

George C. Smith (At old Ft. Pease)

Watson P. Stone

John Tavlane (At old Ft. Pease)

Gotleib Voltz ( At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Charles Webber ( At old Ft. Pease)

Thoma White

Henry Young (At old Ft. Pease)


Capt. Edward Ball (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. James G. McAdams

1st Sgt. John R. Elkins


Asa T. Merrill (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

Clifford Pearson

John McCabe (At old Ft. Pease)

Frank Whitney

Thomas Kelly


Francis Stewart

Charles Grillon

Andrew Kennedy


Thomas Carney (At old Ft. Pease, sick)


Charles Murrey


Edward Wells


James Beverly


James Adams

William Benson

John Brown

Mathew F. Canning (Extra duty as hospital attendant)

John Carroll

James Carroll

Patrick Claffy (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

John Clark

Henry C. Coales (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

Joseph H. Davis

James R. Dipp

Martin Dooley (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Patrick Donegan (At Ft. Ellis for duty)

Thomas Duffy

Joel S. Flanigan

Thomas B. Gilmore

Henry E. Gray (At old Ft. Pease, sick)

Thomas S. Hoover

Joseph Igglesden (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Nickolas James (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with Subs. Dept.)

George F. Kane

Mathew Kearney (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

John Kern

Henry Kozigk (At Ft. Sanders, for duty)

George T. Lawlor

Frederick Miller (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

William Miller

Thomas McDonald

Victor McKelery

George S. Meyers

Daniel Mount (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

Francis Phillips

Frank Ruland

Henry Rahmeir (Killed by Indians, 23 May 1876)

John Reardon

Henry Schargenstein

Augustus Stocker (Killed by Indians, 23 May 1876)

Frank Waters

Richard Warren

William Wherstedt

William Wilson

David H. Winters

Edward Williams


Capt. Lewis Thompson (Commanding Company)

1st Lt. Samuel T. Hamilton

2nd Lt. Charles B. Schofield (Battalion Adjutant)

1st Sgt. Henry Wilkins


Emil Plum

Charles E. Weston

Edward Page

John F. McBlain

John F. Prutting


Charles Egert

William Thompson

Martin Shannon

Robert A. McLeod (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)


Harry B. Melville

James H. White


Samuel A. Glass


Ansil Riden


John Cox


Konrad Bubenheim

John C. Chase

Wilfred Clark (Confined at Ft. Ellis 4 May 1876)

George Cook

John W. Davis

Charles R. Davis

Pierre Domminger (At Ft. Sanders, for duty)

John Engleson (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

John Flanigan

Samuel Foulks (At Ft. Ellis, sick)

Daniel Gallagher

Samuel Hendrickson

Michael Hog (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

William H. Jones

Williams Jenkins

Michael Kelly

Philip Low (At old Ft. Pease)

Maurice Murphy (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

David Murphy

Jean J. Malcolm

Frank P. Miller (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Jacob Mauren

John O’Conner

James Ryan

Abram W. Riley (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Maxim Robideau

John Rockil (Confined at Ft. Ellis)

James Sanderson

Charles Stevens (At old Ft. Pease, extra duty with QMD)

Robert Sturm (At old Ft. Pease)

John Thompson

George T. Waddington (At Ft. Ellis, for duty)

Joseph Whalen

John Winkle

Arthur Ward

Wade H. Young

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