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The Next Generation In The Study Of Custer's Last Stand

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G. A. Custer: His Life and Times -- were filled with excitement, danger and great adventure. His short life has created more myths and contro­versy than any other in American History. He bears the heavy burden of being responsible for the result of the Indian Wars and their consequences simply because his is the only name which remains recog­nizable, and can be connected to that period. After the Civil War, where he played the hero's role, he became just another officer of the United States Army on the western frontier, where he was praised as well as condemned while carrying out the orders delegated to him.

Although George Custer is the name we re­member, the ranks were filled with many other individuals who participated along with him in the famous 7th Cavalry. This volume attempts to put some meat on the bones of these sketchy characters with over 500 photographs and 170 personal items which belonged to Custer and the men of his com­mand; as well as clothing, weapons and other battle related articles found over the 128 years since the Battle of the Little Bighorn. This is what remains. This is the legacy of the men known as the protec­tors of civilization and the men they were sent out to civilize.

Starting with Custer's early life we follow him through West Point Academy and his exploits during the Civil War as he becomes this country's youngest general. He becomes second in command of the Seventh Cavalry and moves onto the Great Plains during the Indian Wars.

The officers and men of this classic period are also explored. From the inception of their Regi­ment until their defeat at the Little Bighorn.

Following the aftermath serious studies were made on the disposition of the dead and collection of the remaining artifacts on the battlefield. Much knowledge has been gained on the structure of the fight, but what keeps it interesting is the mystery; the what if's, the why not's, that we'll probably never know, yet continue to draw us into the next observation or theory.

Presented here are many of the personalities of this period that we just can't seem to forget. 

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